Still having fun with your favorite game…!! 😀 If you’re stuck in the level “Titanic 94” of the game 94%, don’t worry!, we are here to help you with all the answers Titanic 94.

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Titanic 94

Titanic 94 Answers:









94 answers

These are the answers Titanic 94

The game 94% presents the questions differently for each player, so to find the answer you don’t have to search by number level, here we put them to you in alphabetical order to find them quickly and easily.

Sure you love the game!

Sure that you bring the game to your trips, in the car, on holidays, by plane… sure you play on the beach, at home, with friends, with family… sure you love the game! 😉

How to play 94%?

94% is a game of questions and answers which consists to guess what has responded most players to a word, phrase or certain image.

At each level there are two topics and an image, and to pass the next level you must guess the answers given for the 94% of players to each one of these topics.

The idea is vey simple, but sometimes there are difficult words to guess, when you get stuck in any of these words… don’t give up!! Come to 94× and we will be pleased to help you.

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94% is a fun and addictive game created by Scimob, the creators of 94 degrees, 94 seconds and Word Academy.

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